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Cheryl has a true gift to connect with the energy of the person she is reading. I am continually amazed by her ability to illuminate questions posed about the future as well as clarify current realities. Her insights have helped empower me to heal old scars. She is objective, professional, and the accuracy of her readings also boggles my mind! I am looking forward to taking one of her classes!
— - Dr. Kim
I wanted to share my experience with Cherella. I have been to several readings and honestly this one was the best. I have gone to palm readers, card readers, eye readers even psychics. All of those have not been good. I honestly do not lead her on in anything. She asks at the end about how accurate she is.(if you choose to disclose that to her) Every reading I’ve been too has ask. “So, I see love? Who is that person?” “I, see a letter. What is the letter in thinking?” Etc. They want a clue, so I can honestly say she does not do that. She even has given me dates on certain things and they happen! Very relaxing atmosphere and very private.

She is very confidential as well. So if you are a couple and want to do separate readings she doesn’t tell the other person. I have recommended her to several of my fiends and they are excited as well. I don’t recommend anyone unless I believe in what I’m recommending. I will say that these readings are what you put out to the world. She doesn’t say things like you are going to win the lottery and be super rich. She says realistic achievements, not unrealistic. That’s what I also love, because if you get the unrealistic readings they can make you go crazy also addictive.

The price is very reasonable I don’t feel like it’s going to burn a hole in my pocket. She leaves it up to you if you want to see her, she doesn’t keep you hanging and says if you want to know more you need to pay more. She honestly loves what’s she’s doing, she isn’t in it for the money. Which is amazing and very refreshing. Not many people in this type of field that I have personally encountered myself are genuine. I hope this review helps those that are considering seeing a card reader.
— - Erika NBC Marketing
I have known Cherella for a long time and have watched her read for many different people. It is fascinating to watch her work, because she lays out all her cards and then tells a story weaving them together. She asks insightful questions and explains important connections between cards. She does not tell you what you want to hear, she goes only by the cards. I have seen people wanting a certain outcome, and she is very fair and transparent about what the cards are saying. She has read for me and it always amazes me how accurate her readings have been. In addition to tarot, she has extensive experience with palms and astrology and numerology, so she is a truly fascinating woman! She is also kind and funny and gets along with everyone. I am looking forward to taking her classes and hearing her strategies for effortless and fun readings! So happy for this new venture!
— - Georgi PHD