4 Week Intensive Major & Minor Arcana Workshop Starts March 7th Hosted by Impact Hub Salt Lake City


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Work with Cherella

Cherella created The Practice because of her life long passion of the study of listening to intuition.  She combines 20 years of study to her natural intuitive gifts and reads for people all over the world.  Schedule a private reading.


I have consulted Cheryl many times, especially when I need to make an important decision in my life. On her readings, she has such a great clarity and understanding about my life. She is very wise, has a magnificent accurate intuition and amazing energy on her sessions, that when I leave her place I am full of answers to very important questions. It is as if she has given me a easy to read map with clues in every aspects of my life, including job, health and personal relationships. She will tell you events from your past, present and future life! She really tells "your stories" and then offers you advise with great wisdom and she does this with humorous style. She is AMAZING! ” 
 - Maria