Curious about what tarot is, how it works, or how to utilize your intuition? Join Cherella Forester the creator of THE PRACTICE COLLECTIVE, for an intensive 4 week class covering Major and Minor Arcana as well as the tarot’s mystical beginnings, the structure of the 78 card deck, and how to read a tarot card with little to no experience necessary.

This workshop is great for the mystical and magically inclined, and for those who are looking to work with their intuition in a new way. Whether or not you have experience with tarot, this class will give you new resources for interpreting tarot cards, and creating a deeper dialogue with the tarot itself.

Cherella started out being interested in the lines of the hand, and after 5 years of handology and using the lines to give meaning to fate and destiny, she looked for an additional tool for tapping into intuitive info for her clients. She meticulously studied the tarot with her teacher Jeri for over 15 years and has developed an intuitive approach to her readings that include practical magic and manifestation techniques to deepen your awareness to your own internal knowing. Soul Path Readings (TM). Cherella imparts her wisdom with the desire to do her part to heal the collective through individual Soul Path readings and artistic explorations.